Walking Onslaughts

An unstoppable force ruled by the 5 most ruthless and talented creatures of mankind.

Walking Onslaughts Family

All 5 members of Walking Onslaughts 

Bios about the members

This section will tell you a little more incite about them. 

Offspring Mysterious: The leader of the pack.

Hollow Offspring Mysterious: The jokester and comedian of the pack.

Onslaught Mysterious: The psychotic, crazy in the head, killer of the pack.

Spawn Mysterious: The soft spoken but intelligent one of the pack.

Adollaspring Mysterious: The energy link for all of them.  

About Us

Walking Onslaughts is a upcoming brand that's being built from the ground up from yours truly (me aka Offspring Mysterious). See its more then just a brand, it's also a big community that's very family oriented no matter your upbringings. We don't discriminate from people who they are, but a brace for who they are. Right now our main field of work is making videos, music producing and sometimes mix and master for other artist, cosplay as us or maybe in the future get some other characters to cosplay as, model with our look or for anybody's merch or  in need of a model, dancer, actor and a model. As the future pass by, when we have enough credentials and enough resources to make our brand more professional, we'll also be a label for other artist from different fields to showcase their talents, develop their craft, sponsor, and be the mecca of having the dopest talented community of all time.       

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